Orthodontic Emergencies

At Bowers Orthodontic Specialists, we doubt that there will be a genuine orthodontic crises. But on the off chance that your orthodontic appliance breaks or if you are encountering extreme discomfort, please contact our Bloomington office right away. We need to know if your braces need repair, even if you’re already planning a visit.

There are likely various challenges with your braces that you should be able to solve on your own. Even if you are able to fix what’s wrong, you’re going to still want to let your orthodontist know if you need something repaired on your braces.

Lost Separator 
A few patients lose a separator throughout their treatment. Try not to stress over losing a separator, yet please call our Bloomington orthodontist office to check and see if we need to make you a new one.

Sore Teeth/Discomfort with Orthodontic Treatment
Sometimes your mouth will be sore, especially after you first get your braces and after your regular appointments. Taking acetaminophen or other non-aspirin pain relievers while you get used to your new braces can help with the pain. Also, gargling with warm saltwater and a warm washcloth or heating pad can make your soreness feel better. 

Wire Irritations 
Use a cotton swab or eraser to move the wire of your braces far from the irritated region. If the wire won't move, attempt to cover the end of it with a little bit of cotton or a small piece of wax. 

Loose Bracket
First, call our Bloomington office to schedule an appointment to rebond the loose bracket. If the area is causing irritation, apply wax to the loose bracket where it is poking you.

Loose Wire
Use sterilized tweezers to try to put the wire back in place. If that doesn’t work, use a bit of wax over the wire where it’s jabbing you. Give us a call to see if we need to see you in Bloomington to make sure the wire is in place. 

Headgear Doesn't Fit
Sometimes, you’ll find wearing your headgear is painful. But that’s usually because it isn’t being worn the number of hour each day as your orthodontist has instructed. Always wear your headgear the prescribed number of hours to facilitate your braces treatment plan. If part of the gear is bent, please do not try to fix it yourself. Call us for an appointment.

How To Contact Your Bloomington Orthodontist

The doctors and staff at Bowers Orthodontic Specialists pride ourselves on providing high-quality orthodontic treatment. But if you ever find yourself in a braces “meltdown,” do not despair. Call us at (309) 663-0415 and, even after hours, you can reach someone through our 24-hour emergency service. Or, reach out through our Contact Us page and we will be happy to provide calm, quick advice and/or an appointment to ease your worries and pain.